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Woman's Chastity Belt Sets Off Airport Security
February 06, 2004

When a 40-year old British woman set off a metal detector alarm at Athens airport, bemused security staff found that it was caused by a chastity belt she was wearing.

According to the press report, the woman told police officers her husband had forced her to put on the belt to make sure she had no extra-marital affair during a brief visit to Greece.

From Yahoo

Posted by Twisted at February 6, 2004 03:46 PM

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User Comments:

what a total jerk! i would expect my husband to trust me enough not to force me to wear a chastity belt!

Posted by: amanda at February 7, 2004 04:21 PM


Maybe she's a slut.

Posted by: howie feltersnatch at February 8, 2004 12:36 PM


this is jus anuvver show of male ignorance and chauvinism, they wud nvr let a woman do sumthing like that 2 them wud they!?!?!?!

Posted by: Kat at February 9, 2004 07:31 AM


wtf?! this guy is a first-class asshole.

Posted by: cassie at February 11, 2004 08:08 AM


"this is jus anuvver show of male ignorance and chauvinism, they wud nvr let a woman do sumthing like that 2 them wud they!?!?!?!"

I are teh good spellerz0r wit teh ragez0r.
Women and spelling......

Posted by: Bob at February 12, 2004 04:42 PM


LOL ... too funny

Posted by: Mike at February 12, 2004 06:04 PM


What a load of bullshit.

Posted by: Fred at February 18, 2004 02:26 PM


that is stupid

Posted by: geoff at February 18, 2004 05:58 PM


WTF! The Husband is one saddistic Son of a Bitch. He has no right to force her to wear a fricken CHASTITY BELT! Jesus, 2 Words lady: DIVORCE HIM. I would never marry such a freak.

Posted by: M at February 19, 2004 05:31 AM


I dunno... I mean, its fucked that he made her wear a chastity belt... but face it. Dude wouldn't spend the cash on a chastity belt if he didn't suspect something. And plus, every man is intimidated by the romancing abilities of the womanizers in foreign countries. I mean, the guys over there have nothing better to do than get american women drunk and score with them. I mean, the women over there don't shave their armipits for christ's sake. Or... is that France... they're all the same I guess.

Posted by: indifferentloser at February 21, 2004 12:54 AM


God whata gay husband while shes gone wearing that belt hes probaly cheating on her while shes gone

Posted by: Tanese at February 23, 2004 05:48 PM


ahhh and people keep telling us chivlary is dead...

unless he stuck her in am muzzle she can still fool around no matter clinton say's
and if he did get her into a muzzle then i tip my hat off the man might have jsut made the first perfect house wife ever

Posted by: ilya stepquick at February 23, 2004 07:07 PM



Posted by: HOODLUMinc at February 23, 2004 08:09 PM


i am getting turned on by all of this

Posted by: jimmybuffet at February 24, 2004 02:19 PM


Sounds like somthing my abusive ex would do.That would be why he's my ex!!

Posted by: Carole at February 28, 2004 10:11 AM


I know the cunt. What do you think her husband did . . .knock her unconscious and slap the thing over her cunt? Hell no! Her husband couldn't have put the thing on her on his own, could he? She had to have gone along with it. The reason she didn't fight it is because she knows she's a fucking slut and can't say no to anyone with a dick swinging. Didn't she get two abortions already, and her husband can't even father children?

Posted by: howie feltersnatch at February 29, 2004 03:35 PM


Thats fucking bullshit. Honestly if your wife wanted to screw around and cheat on you.. dont you think shed do it in the country too? and anyone that wanted me to wear a chastity belt i would cheat on them just for not trusting me!

Posted by: Gabby at March 5, 2004 08:29 PM



Posted by: JOSH at March 11, 2004 05:55 AM


My comment is hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Posted by: wtf? at March 11, 2004 11:18 AM



Posted by: Micheal Jones at March 11, 2004 02:13 PM



Posted by: Micheal Jones at March 11, 2004 02:13 PM



Posted by: COGATO at March 12, 2004 01:14 PM


some bodys fuked in the head. maybe someone should put an chsity bet on his ass? mouth maybe?

Posted by: ieatglue at March 19, 2004 12:12 PM


ass hole

Posted by: ieatglue at March 19, 2004 12:14 PM


well yeaah i think dat if there iz no trust in a relationship den there iz no relationship because both partners wolld be spendin' all day just wonderin' wat the otha half iz doin' seriously guys if u think ur girlfriend iz a slut 'LEAVE HER' GEEZE puttin' a chastity belt on ur wife or girlfriend iz just bullshit
n u cant tell her who to sleep wid n not 2 sleep wid god how embarrassing :( dat iz fuct..

Posted by: kristy at March 22, 2004 05:01 PM


the only problem id have if the bitch id get pregnant...then id have to hit her in the stomache a few times...i fuckin hate hids...anyway id at least tell her to use a plastic bag and a rubberband...oh and fuck anyone who is ghetto...or a fuckin not racist i just hate when white people act black

Posted by: ryan at March 24, 2004 06:04 PM


Ryan... your a fucking pussy if you would hit a pregnant woman in the stomach just so you wouldn't have to have some responsibility. People like you are a waist of fucking time and if I ever met you... I'd make sure to beat the shit out of you and leave you in a puddle of blood for all the wiggers, or whatever you call em, to laugh at.

Posted by: realman at March 27, 2004 04:30 PM


I wear a chastity belt on my ass just in case...

Posted by: Ken at April 1, 2004 06:33 AM


If a woman wears a chastity belt, how does she go pee? I don't understand the concept...

Posted by: DumbGirl at April 7, 2004 04:41 PM


i have to agree with alot of the entries... her hubby didnt put the belt on her...she must have went along with it... why? she probably cheated on him before and wanted to reassure him this time... its crap
i dont think she should divorce him... i think he should get the hell out of there while he can!!!

Posted by: tonya at April 7, 2004 10:04 PM


That woman may be dumb, but some of these people who are posting are even dumber.
"Das Rite!" Duh!!!

Posted by: Lisa at April 7, 2004 10:28 PM


That is dumb but appereantly he didnt for a reason, but damn he is one wierd guy. lady if your not happy then leave his ass dont cheat on him! you woulnt like it would you? oh and how does a lady go pee with one of those on? if someone can answer that for me email me at cause i would like to know lol

Posted by: Hannah at April 10, 2004 02:45 PM


Maybe the husband knows something we don't and he is trying to protect the Greeks from her "Going For Gold" at the Olympics.

Posted by: BigFatBlues at April 12, 2004 04:07 AM


that shits funny they are both dumb GET A DIVORCE

Posted by: Hannah at April 15, 2004 08:25 PM


How do people pee W/ that shit on?

Posted by: Meg-a-la-saurious at May 13, 2004 12:17 PM


very carefully

Posted by: i know all at May 13, 2004 03:57 PM


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