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Japanese Funny-Erotic Banana Video
Check out this video about a girl and a guy...

NE: Britney's Husband Does Drugs WIth Prostitute
A $500-a-night prostitute and a webcam stripper have blown the...

Orange Bowl Boos Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson received a discernible chorus of boos during her...

Explosive New Eminem Video Leaked On Internet
Eminem's upcoming Mosh video is now available on to the...

Bishop Says Modern Fashion Leads To Sexual Attacks & Homosexuality
In a scandalous tirade against new fashion trends, evangelical pastor...

Two Kitten Cloned By Pet Cloning Company
Genetic Savings & Clone promises to clone anyone’s pet —...

"Hot" Female Teacher Arrested For Sex With 14 Year Old Boy
A newly-wed teacher was facing jail yesterday for having sex...

Farrell's Manhood Cut From Upcoming Movie
Actor Colin Farrell's manhood is reportedly so big it was...

New Surfboard Has Built In Computer, Internet Access
A surfboard has now been developed that lets surfers surf...

Police: Bible Argument Spurs Boiling-Oil Attack
A woman is accused of pouring boiling oil on her...

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Movies: Top 10 Box Office Failures
August 26, 2003

10. "Howard the Duck" (1986, Universal)
Budget: $37 million
U.S. Box Office: $16 million

9. "Hudson Hawk" (1991, Columbia TriStar)
Budget: $60 million-plus
U.S. Box Office: $17.2 million

8. "Ishtar" (1987, Columbia)
Budget: $55 million
U.S. Box Office: $12.7 million

7. "Inchon" (1981)/"Battlefield Earth" (2000, Warner Bros. Pictures)
Budget: $50 million/$73 million
U.S. Box Office: $1.9 million/$21.5 million

6. "Cleopatra" (1963, 20th Century Fox)
Budget: $44 million ($259 million today)
U.S. Box Office: $26 million ($153 million today)

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