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21 People Arrested In Possible Human Sacrifice Case
August 02, 2003

It was the body of a five-year-old African boy. The corpse had no head. The legs had been severed above the knee and the arms cut off at the shoulder. All that remained was a torso dressed - grotesquely - in a pair of orange shorts, which had been thrown into the Thames shortly before it was discovered in September 2001. Death had been from a violent trauma to the neck, and the limbs had been "skilfully" removed after death by an experienced butcher.

Yet it was not the gruesome details of the murder and dismemberment that last week - almost two years later - led 200 police officers to launch nine simultaneous dawn raids across London and arrest 21 people. It was the contents of the stomach of the child, whom the police - in an attempt to restore some humanity to the desecrated body - had named Adam. That, and the orange shorts in which the post-mortem showed he had been dressed after death. From The Independent

Posted by Twisted at August 2, 2003 06:34 PM

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